Greenzoner Get Free Prizes Like Xbox.ps3 And Ipod

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You might have heard about lockerz on which you earn points by peforming different tasks and inviting friends. The points can be redeemed for prizes. .Greener zoner is almost like lockerz but it is actually better. There are many reasons which make greenzoner awesome .

GreenZoner is an innovative international eco-oriented project. By participating in the current project, you will be able to receive prizes!

Launching projects requires help from a large group of active Internet users scattered around the world. Therefore, the first task that will bring you closer to the prizes is building the GreenZoner community. Every time you invite new users, you receive EEP, which bring you closer to the prizes!

So for every activity you perform at greenzoneryou get points which are called EEP. EEP stands for EcoEnergyPoints (Green Energy Points), points you receive for performing tasks on GreenZoner.The activities include signing up, inviting others , completing surveys,translating the website in your own language and also logging in daily to your account.

The EEP can be redeemed for many prizes like

Microsoft XBOX 360 Arcade

Apple iPod shuffle 2GB

Nintendo Wii

Apple iPad 32GB

and many many more.Prizes are shipped worldwide/ and it is fairly easy to get EEP. Moreover Greenzoner is free to join so you have nothing to loose.

One can only join greenzoner if he is invited by another member if you want to join then post in comments post your email id. I will send you an invite. For privacy reasons if you want you can create new email address for greenzoner invite.

visit for FAQ prizes and blog.


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