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Best Medical Tourism in India for Forigners

Some of the advantages of tourists coming to India for medical treatment

India is the leading country promoting medical tourism in the world. It is even moving into a new area of “medical outsourcing” where subcontractors aim to provide services to the overburdened medical care systems in western countries.

èInternationally accredited medical facilities using the latest technologies.

èHighly qualified Physicians/Surgeons and hospital support staff.

èSignificant cost savings compared to domestic private healthcare.  Medical treatment costs in India are lower by at least 60-80% when compared to similar procedures in North America and the UK.

èNo Wait Lists. Please visit this link for one of the best Medical Tourism in India

èFluent English speaking staff.

èOptions for translator, private chef, dedicated staff during your stay and many other tailor-made services.

èCan easily be combined with a holiday/business trip.

èClimatic conditions in India for the whole year  will be suitable for anybody from any country

èIndia as a country welcomes people from other country as its culture based on the sutra “Athidhi Devo Bhava” means’ Guests are God’.

èIndia is rich in its natural beauty and will provide a pleasant & peaceful time here.

èThe all above information are taken from Care Medical Tourism India.


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