Stress – How to Lower it …. !

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Many of you are familiar with the term “stress”, The word stress can clearly make you imagine a person sitting with both his hands on his head getting irritated and confused, loosing his peace of mind and balance to work.

what Actually is stress ?

when you are stressed, you start to feel changes in your body and mind, the pace of your heart beats increases, your blood pressure shoots up. your muscles tighten up and you feel anxious.  You may feel rushed and confused, or forget things. You might be irritable, and get into arguments with your family and friends when you are stressed.

Causes of stress ?

We live in a challenging world, where there are extreme competitions for everything. Following are a few causes of stress in your life :-

1> Family tension as you try to be more independent from your parents

2> Homework and projects at school/ workplace/ office.

3> Tension with your boyfriend or girlfriend/wife/family.

4> Difficult people in your life

5> Not getting enough sleep

6> Chronic illness

7> The pressure to meet deadlines and extreme competitions.

Effects of stress on us :-

Stress can make you irritable, tiresome in the short run. wheareas stress in the long run can be harmful and send you clear signals that something is wrong with you.  This kind of chronic stress can take a physical and mental toll on your body and mind.

Tips To lower the stress levels :-

You may pick up whatever you like from the below tips according to your own preferences and interests.

1> Excersice daily for alteast 15-30 minutes.

2> do yoga if you like it, breathing exercises help a lot to relieve you off stress.

3> Take a break from the activities which give you a lot of stress.

4> Meditation and prayer may help you to calm down your mind, focus your thoughts and feel positive.

5> Massage works wonders on a stressed out body, go for a massage to get rejuvenated and feel active.

6> Sleep for atleast 8-10 hours in a day.

7> Crying out sometimes helps a lot in relieving stress, so you can cry if you feel like and it will help you a lot.

Go to a counsellor in case you feel excessively stressed out, it is the best way to take the advice of an expert to avoid stress.

I just Hope this Article helps you to lower your stress levels and enjoy a fresh life.


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