Professional Resume Writing Tips

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Resume is a documented form of representing one’s objectives, academics, qualifications, work experience, achievements and contribution towards the success of the organization. A properly formatted and well written resume can get you the best of the jobs as per your qualification and the job roll you are seeking for.

Writing a good resume needs some potency and the tips below could help you make a perfect resume that could fetch you the job that you desired for. The employer won’t spend too much time to read through the whole resume in order to judge you; this makes it necessary to have a precise resume, which accumulates all the important details about you so that the employer gets an idea about your profile with a brief look at the resume.     

The following tips prove handy while preparing a good Professional Resume:

·         Titles on the resume should match the jobs you want: It is necessary that you have the title on the resume correct as that would be the opening of the resume and would actually direct the employer as to which position you are applying for.

·         The design and format should grab the employer’s attention: The resume should be prepared in a manner that is easily readable by the employers and important information should be placed appropriately. A resume should give an image of your skills and qualifications to the employer at one glance.

·         Prioritizing the contents: It is very important to prioritizing the content in your resume. You should always project the vital data in the beginning of the resume and the less important ones must follow.

·         Content in the resume should sell: The description of the skills, job profiles, achievements etc. plays a vital role in creating an impression in the minds of the employers regarding you.

·         Use of Power Words: Using power words in place of general statements specifies and explains to the employer your achievements and the actual job role that you were in.

·         Read the Ads and job description: The resume should be prepared in accordance with the job description that is given in the Ads. This clarifies to the employer whether you are appropriate for the job that you have applied for.

  ·         Resume should project the salary that you expect: While writing a resume, you also need to keep in mind the position that you are applying for and the expected salary. The resume should be projecting your job role in line with the position that you are applying. It should give the employer a picture as to how much salary you should be getting.

Resume writing is a very important activity when you are in a job search. A resume need not be restricted to one page and need not be of a specific format. There are various forms of resumes. You need to prepare a resume in accordance with the job that you are applying for. It should be suitable to your position and should fulfill your requirements.


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