The Blank Mind

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You are the darkness,

You are the broadness,

You are the deepness

Of eternity of all madness.

Of course ! You are the horizon of all ever existed unconsciousness,

You’re above the hell of all subconsciousness,

But you’re not an inch below the heaven of superconsciousness,

Certainly you’re not in control of human willingness.

You are surely not a vampire,

But you aren’t less than a wretched devil,

You are neither my friend nor an enemy,

But i don’t know why you are always with me.

You rule the morning,you rule the eve,

Without you the dawn and dusk can neither live,

Heaven and hell are childplay for your reach,

Please be kind enough to allow green globe to rip,

Being a human I’ve got cardinal promises to keep,

But I’m not like Frost who can tolerate going miles before sleep,

You’re not blank as the blank mind as it’s scripted

You are the ocean in which water is concentrated

Yes, Of course with the minds like crooked mind of mine

There’s neither beginning of you nor the end,

My subconsciousness tries to print you over the eye of my inner film

You make my eyes open even when I’m on my dream

Help me show the way in this selfish world, don’t let me scream.


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