Salt – Cure For Respiratory Problems?

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Did you see the recent episode of The Doctors where a family visited salt caves to help with respiratory problems?  Many people with breathing problems find that moving to a place with fresh sea air makes a huge difference.  On the recent Doctors episode, sSalt caves were featured as a potential help with respiratory problems and the guests had marked success with a 45 minute visit.

Salt caves are increasingly popular for holistic treament with breathing ailments.  A recent episode of the TV show The Doctors showed a mother and daughter who visited a Salt Cave for 45 minutes report dramatically reduced asthma symptoms.


Salt cave therapy provides salt inhalation, also known as Halotherapy has been used for many years for help with respiratory problems such as emphysema, asthma and sinus problems.  While not proven as a cure for a disease, there are many reports of symptoms being dramatically reduced and the need for medication to control exercise or allergy induced asthma attacks.

If you don’t have salt caves where you are, there are portable salt cave options available that include using a salt inhaler / salt pipe that allow you to breathe in the salt air.  Many of these devices last for many years.

What about regular table salt for asthma?

Table salt has a minimal amount of minerals whereas salt crystals are high in many beneficial minerals.  If possible, you should alter your salt use to sea salt instead of typical iodized salt.

If you don’t have salt caves near you, with the recent media coverage on the topic as well as the coverage on the tv show The Doctors,  don’t be surprised if one arrives in a health spa near you shortly!  For more health and wellness information, check out HealthNiche – A Health and Wellness Blog.


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