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Hi everyone! Its Karen Phoenix again with I want to discuss what to eat when pregnant. If you’ve never read my material,let me tell you a little about myself. I am a nutrition & fitness trainer. I recently became a mom. I gave birth to my gorgeous son a few months ago.

When I first discovered I was pregnant, I used my experience with nutrition to find all I can about what to eat when pregnant. I wanted my unborn child to be as healthy as possible, and I also did not want to gain tons of weight. My other goal was to be able to go back to my pre-pregnancy body as quickly as possible after the birth.

So, trust me when I tell you that I know how you feel and I know what you are up against. Learn from me and have the best pregnant term possible. The first thing for you to do is to learn what to eat when pregnant.

Im sure you would love to discover how easy it is to keep your baby healthy and only gain 25 to 29 pounds during your pregnant term. You can also get your pre-pregnancy weight back within 5 weeks. It really is super easy. First, find out which foods you can consume that are healthy and taste awesome. Second, stay away from the crappy and unhealthy foods. It really is as simple as that So, lets start with talking about what foods you need to keep away from your baby!

Keeping the unhealthy foods away from you and your baby is vital. The wrong foods can harm your babys natural growth while in your belly. These nasty foods can really mess up your babys developmental processes and can make you gain lots of unhealthy fat that can lead to other problems like gestational diabetes.

I am sure that you already know that sugary cakes and candies are unhealthy for your baby, but do you know about the foods that are labeled as health foods? Yep, they can also be bad for you and your child. Why? Well I can tell you that its not the carbs or the calories that are making you unhealthy. Its not the sugars or fats! It’s the chemicals and substitutes that can harm you and your unborn child.

Read the ingredients list on all of your foods that come in a bag or box and you will see what I am talking about. Research has proved that these chemicals really play havoc on our systems. So, what foods can you eat to promote a near perfect pregnancy?

Make sure that you eat foods with only 1 ingredient. I know it sounds limiting, but trust me its not. Here is a small example of the good foods you can eat lots of: chicken, steak, fruits, veggies, rice, eggs, butter, bacon, coconut oil, avocados, and sweet potatoes. Make sure that you do not cut out your calories, and don’t eliminate carbs. You can cause more harm than good.

Understanding what to eat when pregnant will help you keep away the unhealthy weight, and will also help fight nasty pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and fatigue. To find out more, read my Blog at Then make sure you look at my other wonderful sites about what to eat when pregnant for even more advice.


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