Who Says Beauty Has To Be Painful?

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Looking for a quick, less expensive and painless way to tighten up those trouble areas? Center for Beautiful Bodies, a Houston-based aesthetic facility specializing in modern, less invasive weight loss and age defying treatments, recently added Suture Suspension, one of the most modern forms of cosmetic surgery, to its growing list of services.

Suture Suspension takes the place of complex and painful cosmetic surgeries, replacing them with a fast, pain-free and safe way to tighten sagging body parts. In the hands of a skilled doctor, the technique itself is brilliantly uncomplicated and effective.  The procedure simply lifts loose skin or flabby soft tissue with a tool that resembles a needle and thread. Instead of large, dramatic and painful incisions, general anesthesia and months of recuperation, Suture Suspension uses several small incisions and long internal sutures to contour and shape the areas desired.

Perhaps one of the most appealing qualities about this technique is that the results are instant. Not to mention, if there is something you don’t like about your “new” look, the doctor can reverse it on the spot.

Other benefits of Suture Suspension include:

•   No Scarring

•   No Continuous Chemical Injections

•   No General Anesthesia (You may drive yourself to and from the procedure)

•   No Hospital Stay

•   No Pain

•   Immediate Results

Works Beautifully for a More Natural Youthful Look in Several Areas, Including:

Face, Buttocks, Breasts, Chin and Abdomen.

•   Safe – this procedure has been in practice since 1996 with no significant complications     reported

•   Affordable – Typically is 1/3 of the cost of most common surgical cosmetic procedures

Suture Suspension is used to contour the body with the following procedures:

Facelift Replacement

The technical name for our suture suspension facelifts is the Serdey Technique (named after its creator, Dr. Nikolay P. Serdev, MD, PhD., of Sophia, Bulgaria).  Using the Serdey Technique, the doctor lifts and anchors the deep moveable tissue to non-removable fibrous tissue. The Serdey Technique creates exceptional results in the face, forehead, chin, and brow.

“Curl Lift,” “Coffee Break Lift,” “Contour Thread Lift,” and “Feather Lift.” Sound familiar? Also less-invasive techniques these procedures produce good results, but the benefits are short-lived. In contrast, The Serdey Technique is a long lasting, more natural look for a more beautiful, youthful, SMILING you.

Buttock Lift

For those interested in firming up the rear and getting the appearance of longer, more elegant legs?

Breast Lift

Sagging breasts are a thing of the past! Today, you can lift your breasts approximately 1″-1.5″ without scarring! This procedure is particularly beneficial to women prone to keloiding with traditional breast lifts.

Nose Refinement

Nose tip refinement offers you the choice of a smaller nose tip or can create the appearance of a smaller base through angling.

Ear Refinement

Your ears and nose can continue to grow throughout your life. By positioning the ears closer to the head, Center for Beautiful Bodies can minimize the appearance of the ear size and enhance your overall appearance.

Center for Beautiful Bodies offers free educational programs to the public with a complimentary lunch. To learn more about the modern and less invasive procedures offered at Center for Beautiful Bodies and to visit with Dr. Rassoli personally, please visit www.centerforbeautifulbodies.com or call 281-501-8357.


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