Tips on How to Find Great Freebies And Cheap Items in Second Life

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Those of us who play Second Life know how we want our avatars to look. We want them to look nice. We want them to represent us in some way. The players that are new to Second Life do not have any income within Second Life and are so new that they normally are not going to fork over the cash for it. So, how do we look great in Second Life without putting our real money into it and without having in-world cash (which is called Linden)?

When you are in Second Life and you put in a search, put in the word “free” or “freebies” and do it under the “places” tab. A lot of places in second life list whether or not they have any free items at all. They will put it under their land description and it brings them traffic. The only problem is this will show you all types of freebies. This will show places that have both high quality and low quality items up for grabs. It will also show furniture, toys, and many other things that you might not be looking for. This is a good way to search for free items if you are bored and have nothing else to do.

Sometimes, these freebies will be set as “group only” items, meaning that the only way you can get a copy of these freebies is if you join their group and wear their group tag. That’s easy right? Some groups aren’t free to join. Many creators are doing this so people will stop joining their group long enough to get a freebie and then leaving. If this is the case, just weigh how much the charge is to join the group to how many freebies you get and if they are good or not. If you have the cash and the group freebies are promising, then a lot of the times it is worth it to pay the linden and join the group. But a group you pay to join, I wouldn’t leave if I was you. You never know, they might come out with more freebies later.

Speaking of groups, there are Second Life groups dedicated to freebies and letting people know about new ones. Just do a search again within Second Life, but this time do it under “groups.”  Read the descriptions about the several groups. You will find many groups that are there for freebie purposes.

Another great way to find freebies is to use the Google search engine. Not many people think about this one. Just type in your Google search bar something like “Second Life freebies” or “great freebies in Second Life.” This should bring up lots of pages for you to go through. People love blogging about Second Life and that includes their freebies.

Now, if you are looking for cheap items and not necessarily free, you can do the same steps, but use search words like “dollerbies,” “cheap,” “low priced” or “sale.” The best word to use in this type of search would be “dollerbies” or “sale.”


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