Newbie's Guideline to Timeshare

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Timeshare is a form of ownership wherein a group of unrelated individuals share a piece of property. More often than not, this property is in the form of resort condominiums. However, given the multitude of choices becoming available every day, finding a hotel or even a cruise timeshare is no longer a rarity.

When purchasing a timeshare, the owner is allowed to stay in the certain property at a certain period of time each year. Depending on agreement, owners can choose more than one destination and more than one time every year to utilize the ownership.

Warm states like Florida or cold weather places near ski resorts are the usual favorite timeshare destinations among guests. To cater to the visitors needs, resorts have now included indoor and outdoor ski slopes and pools as a common feature of their holiday destinations. Normally, dome of the facilities even include one to three bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room.

Typically, timeshares are sold for the duration of one week. But since prices differ every week depending on when in the year your week falls, buying a timeshare during peak season (for instance, during summer months) can be a little more on the pricey side compared to a less popular time of the year.

In most cases, timeshares can be used for the duration of one week, though differing prices can cause the actual cost to rise and fall over the course of a year. Thus, purchasing a timeshare during the peak seasons can become a very expensive matter, while getting into the industry during the downtime can save potential owners money. In this sense, it is not that different from making reservations and paying for hotel rooms.

Timeshares, like any other real estates, can be transferred to your kids and so on, which makes it a sound investment. They can also be exchanged and traded with other properties. But the best thing about timeshares is probably the fact that not only you can enjoy a nice vacation someplace, you can also save some bucks by putting them for lease when not in use.

Most timeshare properties are bought from the resale market through solid cash transactions. However, it is possible to acquire these properties using financing agreements. Regardless of how it is obtained, maintenance fees and management charges are required, alongside other potential expenses. These fees may vary from company to company, as well as depending on the nature of the property.

Many affordable timeshare vacation options are made available. Purchasing a fixed unit for a fixed week every week may be the best option. In this case, the ownership of the deeded timeshare is possessed by the vacationer during the week.

In the end, it doesn’t matter as much if you go for a deeded or a floating timeshare. What matters most is that you know that you are transacting with a trustworthy firm. You don’t want to shed thousands or millions of bucks only to find out it was for nothing. Be acquainted with some timeshare news updates. They usually report on timeshare scams and by knowing them, you can avoid them.


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