Set Up A GoldFish Tank

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So you have got some GoldFish. Most people know GoldFish have a short attention span but they still deserve a good home so that means you should setup a good GoldFish tank for them to live in. Here are some great tips on setting up a GoldFish tank.

  1. Choose a fish tank that provides the largest possible surface area for oxygen exchange. Ideally, you should have at least a 20-gallon tank for one adult goldfish. You need an additional 10 gallons in volume for each additional goldfish that you choose to have.
  2. Goldfish need 10 hours of lighting a day. Choose fluorescent light rather than incandescent because these give off less heat. Fluorescent lighting is also energy efficient.
  3. A tight-fitting hood is essential. Goldfish have been known to jump out of their tanks. The hood can also be used to house fluorescent lighting.
  4. Use medium-sized gravel for the floor of your fish tank. Wash the gravel in hot water before you put it into the tank. Position rocks and drift wood in the gravel to provide the goldfish necessary resting and hiding places.
  5. Use fake plants because your goldfish will feed on real plants. Alternatively, use a tough, hardy plant species like the Java Fern.
  6. Install a good filtration system in the tank. This is especially important for goldfish, because they don’t have a stomach and therefore produce a large amount of waste through their gills and feces. Choose a full-size canister filter, or a hang on filter. Clean or change your filters once a month to maintain proper functioning.

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