How to Spot a Legitimate Ptc Site From Scams

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Most people are quick to tag PTC sites as scam. Well, we can’t really blame them because there are indeed sites that fold after few months in operation. Let me help you out on how to spot the legit ones among the scammers. Most people are quick to tag PTC sites as scam. Well, we can’t really blame them because there are indeed sites that fold after few months in operation. Some are really scammers. No doubt about that. In the internet world where you can mask your identity it’s easy to lure people and deceive them. Some PTC sites though fold because of financial difficulties. They may have set a ridiculously high incentives for members that are not really feasible. Others encounter difficulties with payment processors. Usually that happens if a certain member of a PTC site complains to Paypal, Alertpay or any other payment processors for whatever reason. Due to strict rules and regulations by these payment processors they may freeze the account of the PTC admin. The money is there, the PTC admin is willing to pay its members but is unable to do so because their account is frozen due to a dispute, hence, the collapse of the business.

BUT… There are legitimate PTC sites. In fact, most of them have been operational for a couple of years. There are even sites that were around for more than 8 years.

Companies need a way to advertise their products or services. Before, advertisements are done through newspapers or magazines or even through postal mails that you receive. Then, comes radio and TV ads. And with the growing number of people that are online, now we have ads on the Internet.

Advertising is a big business and a way for one to tap on huge profit from it, one has to think outside the box. That’s how, I believe, PTC sites emerged. Why not show the ads to those who are willing to view them for few seconds and eventually purchase the product or avail of the service?

So what specific PTC site/s should you join? Here are the tips on how to find the legit ones from the scammers:

  1. Overall, how does the site’s design/background appeal to you? Is it well thought of? Does it look like one that’s been tested before launched or is it just like a crappy webpage that seems to have been put in haste? With the site’s overall look alone you’ll be able to spot the legit ones from the scams.

  2. What’s their compensation plan? Take note: If the site promises to give more than 5cents for an adclick for a standard or free member then skip that site and look for another one. Also, if the minimum payout is more than $10, you may want to avoid that one too.

  3. There should be no need for you to pay for a fee or an upgrade before you can earn. A free/standard member should still be able to earn and cashout money from the site.

  4. Check sites like and and verify if the site you’re interested to join in is not listed under scam sites.

  5. Verify who’s the owner of the PTC site. Check that from If their business/personal name together with their location shows up then that’s a positive sign that the site is really in for the business.

  6. Check out on how long the business have been operational or at least how long the admin has been in this type of business.

  7. Read the FAQ, TOS and Help pages. If they have a forum, take a look as well.

  8. Check for payment proof. Are members paid on time? Are there any complaints about members not being paid?

  9. There should be a payment processor like paypal or alertpay. Although there are still sites that pay via check it would be best to look for the ones who’ll pay you thru a reputed payment processor. This is important as well for International members.

  10. There should be a way to contact the admin. Either via email or thru their forum.

  11. It won’t hurt if you join PTC sites that were referred to you by a friend who’s earning already from the site or from a trusted source. Sure, they will earn from you as their referral but at least you’re certain that the site you’re joining in is a legitimate one.


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