Ways to Increase Your Child's Self-Esteem

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Are you familiar with easy, quick ways to increase your child’s self-esteem? Self-confidence in childhood can assist in producing success in later years. There are a number of potential individuals who are supposed to enjoy the fruits of success, but due to a wrong mindset that was inculcated in them in their early years, many of them are fated to remain languishing in the level of mediocrity. This should not be the case, as low self-esteem is a situation that can be fixed. Children with healthy self-esteem stand a better chance to excel in school and other activities.

Boosting a child’s self-esteem is an act all parents must seriously consider. However, it must be done properly, lest attempts at bolstering self-confidence end up squashing or smothering instead. This also means, for example, that a parent should not make a child so self-confident that the child will not listen to outside suggestions. Fortunately, a few basic tips can be used to help boost a child’s self-esteem in a positive, reinforcing manner.


Despite potentially sounding simplistic, this remains the strongest method for boosting your child’s self-esteem. Parents, sadly, do not always show love to their children; it is important that parents should exert effort in displaying love to their children, to be intentional and purposeful about the act of affection. As the adage goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Parents must show that love to their children by telling them the magic words “I love you.” In addition, a parent can also surprise the child by giving a desired gift, spending time, being alongside him or her during activities, and many other ways both broad and specific.


Included in the best ways to increase your child’s self-esteem is the giving of praises. Appreciating a child can certainly boost the self-esteem; there are many incidents that a child really did best, but as if nobody noticed. To be ignored by friends in front of other people is sometimes bearable, but to be ignored by someone who is near the person’s heart is quite sad. Giving praises to the achievements of other people can really boost anyone’s self-confidence, and children are no exception. The giving of verbal affirmation may come more naturally to some than others, but serves as an effective form of confidence booster.


This does not mean that parents should not talk anymore, as they should still feel free to share their concern toward their children. Parents should be encouraged to listen to their children though, and by practicing it, both the parents and the children can benefit. The parents can better understand their children, while the children gradually develop their self- esteem.The more the parents will give attention to their child, the more the latter’s confidence can be developed. The more the child is developed, the better the child’s self-esteem can grow to be. Listening is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of maturity. Listening is one of the best ways to increase your child’s self-esteem as it is a basic but profound way to show care and fondness, as well as being a form of attention-giving that is always healthy.

Whatever methods are used to boost your child’s self-esteem, be sure that something is being done in an intentional manner. As much as people would love to believe that their kids are fully independent and capable of discovering the world all on their own and benefitting from their private observations, the fact remains that they will benefit much more from having a supportive family life that includes parental guardian figures that boost their confidence in their selves and their abilities.


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