Order, The Necessary Ingredient to Life

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Order is required to make life both sustainable and meaningful.   I do not talk about the order of authority, although this is necessary to keep traffic flowing, the market place regulated and the various systems of hygiene, health and security intact.  I do not refer to systems of knowledge, the drill and authority of educators or the military.  Even the order our parents apply is not always what brings about the kind of world in which we are free of compulsion, division and fragmentation. 

Look about the world and one witnesses the warfare, the genocide, the injustice, and the greed of man.  So called state order, ideology, religion, and consumerism prevail in so many places and the mischief is seemingly endless.  Is this order?  Or is there an order beyond this limitation, this conflict, this warfare both within our hearts and outside, as the expression of our inner turmoil expresses itself?

Is it possible to realize an order of mind and spirit not adherent to the systems of the past, which, based on results, have brought about generations of havoc and disorder?  The mind requires order just as it requires a healthy and able body.  Without an orderly mind the same old attitudes and beliefs prevail, the same degeneration into chronic stagnation of spirit and thought.  So I ask, (not to define such an order or press any view upon you), is it possible to discover an order within oneself and one’s psyche and mind that brings about freedom?  Freedom from conformity, from that compulsion to please or fulfill what one regards as what one ought to achieve to be fulfilled?  An order not dependent on image, on belief, on authority?   I ask if this is possible.  Please, don’t accept what I say.  Find out for yourself.   Self-discovery is essential here.  Otherwise one falls for having another define order, another dictate “what is” or that reality that one expresses in one’s life.

Order is essential to the mind that is free of the awful conditioning, the obsession with success, with becoming somebody, or becoming nobody, which many seek. Without such an order, a true order of thinking, freedom is not possible.  I refer to the freedom from thought, the past, the image, the automatic march to mammon or to crushing beliefs in afterlives or dogmas.  Beliefs in ideology, repression, permissiveness, and in a culture of self-aggrandizement or self-abasement.  Or the most subtle of beliefs, that nihilistic one in no belief or in the opposite, a denial of all belief.

Seeing what order “is not” leads to order.  Awareness of what I am thinking, feeling, acting upon, is the beginning of true intelligence, an order that realizes truth.  This awareness takes great energy from moment to moment, and it is not an easy thing.  But such order does not require effort, adherence to formulae, sacred scripts, rituals, or priests, gurus or wise men.  It cannot be bought or sold.   Rather, it is realized when thought is not, when the past is not, when compulsion and genuflection is not.  Such order is a sacred thing, beyond the divisions and hatreds of man.  With this quality of order, creation and love are possible.


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