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To start off, I will talk about the main parts of the website. Points2Shop is sort of like a GPT website, where you get paid in points to do various offers including surveys, joining other websites, playing games, and lots of other things too. Like I just said, you get paid in points, not money, but they can be turned into cash via the Cashle format connected to the website. If you don’t want to request a check, you can you your points to buy stuff for free on Amazon.com, which you probably know has almost anything you could want, so it’s almost as good as money.

 Completing Offers: There are many ways that you can complete offers on Points2Shop.com, including free offers, trials and paid offers, and daily surveys, which I will explain in a minute. The first one I am going over is the free offers, which in my opinion is the easiest to do. Free offers are mainly surveys and websites you can register on that pay from 20 to 100 points each. I found that these are pretty easy, and the points add up after a while.
   The next kind of offer I am going to talk about is paid offers and trials. These offers mainly consist of free trials to things like Blockbuster, DirectTV and a lot more. I have never tried any of these offers before because the free offers take less time (and are free), and the paid offers might ask you for your credit card number or to pay for something for you to get your points, and they also can take from 1 day to 1 month. The paid offers do pay a lot more points than the free offers, though, ranging from 500 to 10000 points.

 Referring Others: There is the option to refer other people to make a little more extra money. There are many ways to do this, some ways more complicated than others. But first I am going to talk about what it actually is. You can refer family and friends (and other people) to the website and you get paid for it. I believe it is 50 points per referral, but if you get 100 referrals, that is equal to $50! Referrals can make you money depending on how much work you put into it.

 Buying Items From Amazon: Buying stuff isn’t that hard and doesn’t need that much explaining, but I will sum it up for people who are wondering. Buying stuff from Amazon is free, and you actually get a small discount. All of the items’ prices are points, not money, so you don’t have to worry about paying. To buy something, you just search what you want and if you have enough points, buy it!

  Additional Information: To wrap it up, Points2Shop is a great way to get things that you normally wouldn’t pay for. All it takes is time and patience and you can actually earn things from it! I would recomend joining. To join now, just click on the link below! Thank You!

  Click on the link below to join now!



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