Healing For Your Soul

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When I think about Jesus and how good he has been to me, tears comes from my eyes on how quick he had set me free. Life has never been easy for me thats before my Lord took me from the hands of the enemy. Anyone can have the love of God because believe me he has plenty. We are in a situation that seems bad to us that are here on earth. However, when you accept Jesus he will quench your every thirst. If you need proof on the love that can be poured into your life, just take a look at the book of John chapter 19 where he paid the ultimate price. God is love and those that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. I feel as though some one may feel sad because they think they are all alone,but all you have to do is read John chapter 14 where Jesus promised to prepare us a home

Following Jesus is about making a choice not about a denomination or a having a religion. Did Buddha or Allah ever tell anyone that their sins are forgiven? If you go to the book of Isaiah chapter 53 verse 12 you will see that Jesus bore all sin. When Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus with a kiss on the chin. Jesus didn’t get upset or angry but called Judas his friend. I have one more question and I want you to take it in, before the wicked one try to rob. Do you now believe that Jesus is the SON OF GOD.

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