Meditation as The Ending of Thought

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Meditation is the ending of thought.  Thought as becoming, arriving, security and pleasure.   Thought as ambition and the drive to become the eccentric but loved artist or poet, if even among a small group of admirers.  Thought, as the poet long neglected, an obscure and hidden man suddenly discovered, upon the scene now and discovered to be a sage and recognized for his genius.  Thought is the past and the present projected into the future.  The past is death and disillusionment as is a present based on that past and a future, which is nothing more than the continuation of that futility.

What is meditation?  Is it a technique promoted by so-called spiritual men the formulas of the priests?  Does meditation involve good feelings, an expansive all inclusive love of Mankind?  Does meditation involve time and effort?  I ask because I want to know.  I meditation possible?  We sit in lifetimes of ignorance.  Is there relief?  Is one capable of going beyond the ideal, the recommended, the call of fame?  One must discover this for oneself.  There are no guides or prophets.

Meditation is a lonesome exercise.  It requires great energy.  This energy, like grace, is available from moment to moment.  This realization has been the product of a long life but he young person should be capable of grasping this fact.  


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