Weight Loss Diet: Dark Small Plate Technique

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It is not easy to lose weight; that is a fact. A lot of people have been trying so badly but only a few succeeded. This is because people really love to eat and the less healthy the food is, the more delicious they are. Junk foods really rule. Thus, no matter how much you do away from them, you just cannot help but be tempted when they are in your midst. On the other side, the foods that most weight loss diet offer do not usually appeal to your taste buds. So, what should you do?

It is not easy to just say goodbye to sinful foods, this is why, you have to learn of some ways for you to minimize consuming them so that you can regulate your weight gain. One technique that Asians exercise for this is the use of dark colored plates.

This may sound absurd but studies have shown that white colored porcelain plates actually creates a visual stimulation that makes you feel hungry more than you really are. So, when you fill them with food, you tend to take a larger portion than what would be sufficient – you will tend to over eat. On the other hand, dark colored kitchenware produces less of this hormone, thus you will only consume what you really need.

So, the next time that you buy kitchenware, make sure to pick the small and dark colored ones such as dark blue, green or even black. They may not be as classy as the white porcelain plates but they can help you not to over stuff yourself with food unnecessarily. Moreover, they can also make your weight loss diet easier and faster because you have a reinforcement in stopping yourself from having too much of those sinful foods, which is your plate. 


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