How To Re-Paint a Rusty Gate

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That metal or wrought iron gate looked so fabulous when it was first installed, now the rust just makes it (and everything surrounding it) look old and tired. Perk up the gate and make it look brand new again with these how-to tips for re-painting a rusty gate.

Remove Rust from Gate

Before the gate can be re-painted, the rust has to be removed. Don a pair of heavy duty work gloves and protective work clothing and apply a coat of rust stripper to the rust gate. Allow the rust stripper to work 10 minutes (read label for exact instructions) then scrub gate with a wire brush. A shiny new surface will be revealed after a good scrubbing. Wash the entire gate with soapy water and a scrub brush, rinse and allow metal to dry before proceeding.

If rust is minimal on the gate, chemical rust stripper may not be needed. A hard scrubbing with a stiff wire brush may be good enough to remove rust. Skip[ the soapy water wash and just wipe gate with dry cloths before priming to remove rust dust and debris.

Prime and Paint Gate

Within 24 hours of scrubbing the metal gate, a coat of primer needs to be applied to gate. Bare metal begins to rust again very quickly, primer will prevent the rust from starting now and in the future. Choose a primer that is designed for use on outdoor metal, spray primer or brush-on primer will work equally well.

When primer is dry, apply paint in your choice of color. Chose a paint that is designed for use on exterior metal surfaces. Spray paint is easier to use, but brush-on paint will give a better coverage.

Remove rust, prime and paint, that’s how to re-paint a rusty gate.


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