What Are The Benefits of Gravity Inversion?

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One of the most popular is a bed called an inversion table that allows the individual to tilt the body toward or away from the floor. Inversion therapy tables have become so popular that they are available at many large retail stores.

People suffering from back and joint pains now have a variety of natural treatments available. One of the newest is inversion therapy, also known as gravity inversion. You can practice this without a prescription and in the comfort of the patient’s home. It is important to fully understand the effects of gravity inversion on the body before practicing it yourself.

Studies on gravity inversion have shown that practice leads to an elevation in blood pressure, pulse rate, interocular pressure, and central retinal arterial pressure. Practice is not for those above the age of 55. Inversion therapy is also dangerous for individuals with glaucoma, hypertension and congestive heart failure.

Inversion therapy is mostly known for providing temporary relief to back pain. By aligning your body in the opposite direction with gravity, the spine is decompressed. Decompression of the spine stretches it in the opposite direction and creates more room between the vertebrae. Additional room between the vertebra allows the muscles to relax and to relieve any pressure that may be pinching nerves.

Inversion therapy can help with areas of fitness that are often overlooked. Cardiovascular fitness, for example, is promoted when gravity inversion stimulates circulation. Strength training can be done while using and inversion table, and place little to no stress on the spine. The increase in joint flexibility provided by inversion therapy encourages good posture and hydrates the discs between vertebrae.

Anyone wishing to use inversion therapy should start out slowly. Very light levels of inversion should be used in the beginning, with gradual build up to full inversion. The first several times an individual practices inversion therapy he should have someone nearby in case he experiences health complications or needs assistance in getting out of the apparatus.


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