Developing a Very Effective Website to Accelerate Your Home Business Growth

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Your online business website can be your greatest asset as an internet biz owners. A well built web site has many uses for building your net biz. It be used to promote your products, services, or internet business opportunities. It can be used to draw in targeted traffic to grow your web business. It will enable you to build a mailing list. You can use you site to create a web-presence essential for internet success. It will give you an advantage for developing relationships, building long term clients, and creating ongoing profits. And my favorite use of a home biz web site is to develop additional income streams easily and effectively.

The most important part of any internet site is the web hits that it can generate. This is where most internet biz owners go wrong. They spend time and money to create a fancy-looking web site, but it is all wasted because not a single visitor ever finds it. Building a nice looking web site may have some benefits, but not as important as developinga website that has the power to generate internet site traffic and develop return visitors. Ideally your time should be split between building your site and getting exposure for your site. Although if you build your website right, most (or all) of your site promotion will be done for you automatically.

There are many ways to generate internet site visitors, but most pale in comparison to the search engines. They really have the power to send web site visitors. You can of course drive internet site traffic to your website without using the search engines, but when the engines are mastered your internet site can get free traffic day after day on autopilot…. for free! Of course, building your web site so that it masters the search engines requires more time and effort, as well as a knowledge of what to do, but the results are game changing.

Here are three main aspects of a website that will make or break its ability to generate internet site traffic from the engines to build your internet biz….

Your website Layout-Search engines use spiders to crawl webpages and list content. The spiders only find content that is two clicks away from the homepage. To ensure that all of your wonderful content is found, make sure that all of your webpages are no more than two click away from your home page. Using this 3 tiered layout will ensure maximum effectiveness.

Profitable Keywords-Keywords allow you to tell the search engines (through your content) what your webpages are about, and therefore what visitors to send your way. Choosing relevant keywords is important, otherwise your -internet site traffic will not be interested in your site. But also look for profitable keywords that have low competition and adequate demand.

Link Popularity-Without any inbound links (other sites linking to yours) you will not likely do very well with search engine marketing. Developing a strong inbound link popularity will ensue that the engines find your site and give it credibility as a real resource. The more in-pointing links the better for driving web hits. My favorite methods for increasing link popularity are article marketing and no cost directory sites.


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