Protect Your PC 11/1-11 Hoax or Not? Y211 True or Not True

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Is 11/1/11 the new Y2K. Do you remember when in 1999 the whole world was in panic as the news broke that all PC’s and software would no longer work as of 01/01/00. it would bring the PC clock back to Januari1 1900, and it would disrupt all electronic communications and the world would come to a hold. What really happened was that some computers had problems to start up or re-boor, but with that Y2K went past like a cloud in front of the sun.

Now the latest news has broken the headlines that 11/1/11 would have similar effects on PC’s, laptops, networks and mobile devices. In a few hours we will know the truth, as from what we have gathered so far, no computer world wide would be affected.

However on the internet message circulate about the 11/1/11 phenomena and software is offered to be installed in PC’s and mobile devices to ensure protection from this problem. However research has found out that this software does nothing else then steal sensitive date from the PC. Data like credit card details, bank account numbers and email addresses.

Our advise would be; do not download any software to offset the so called Y211 problem. Your computer clock will be fine, and nothing will happen to any of your devices.


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