Places to Visit In Seattle

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Seattle which is the largest city in the state of Washingtonand the most major city in the United States is just not about the territory. The word ‘largest’ does not matter when the beauty it has been bestowed to this historical place.

One of the ancient city in the USA on by hills and surrounded by water with the suitable vegetation and abundant natural resources have resulted in the rich culture and beautiful by nature. This has led in creating another must visited destination in the USA. With this fact, it is one of the Meccas for the domestic and international visitors alike.

Located between Puget Sound which is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean to the west, and Lake Washington to the east enhances the aesthetic value of the city. The city’s chief harbor, Elliott Bay in the east, the Kitsap Peninsula and Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula to the east gives reasons for the people to visit the city and asking for more to the visitors. They provide the wonderful mountain views and water views for the people.

Start with Pike Place Market. It is an authentic farmer’s market where local merchants sell fresh cheeses, meats and a variety of mouth-watering delicacies. It will be the famous Space Needle for a dramatic view of the city and its surroundings and The Smith Tower Observation Deck is Seattle’s for the Seattle’s historic waterfront.  Take your child out of you at Children’s Museum or Odyssey, will be another stop to enjoy the learning with fun. After you’ve had that fun, head for the Washington Park Arboretum. Then go for a canoe ride looking at rare plants. If you want a ride in a cruise, take a trip to Blake Island. Art and history museums, unique eateries are other options for strolling around. The open air festivals and activities happening in various corners of the city are great ways to experience the lives in Seattle and to get the taste of it.

Malls and Unique boutiques dominate the shopping scenario of the city. A lot of retail, from Old Navy, to Barneys and Kenneth Cole are found in walking areas includes the city for the shopping sphere. Restaurant in walking mile is the benefit for all the people for an easy bite anywhere and whatever doing.

Seattle’s climate, described as Oceanic or Marine west coast, with fairly mild, wet winters and mild, relatively dry summers makes the perfect environment for the tourist to move freely. The city with cool-summer of Mediterranean characteristics makes it a holiday destination.

The city that gives the availability for the public transportation like free downtown buses, the monorail, waterfront trolley and the West Seattle Water Taxi for sightseeing without the hassle of driving, traffic and parking can make the holiday more easy and fun. You can see the Seattle Center, central business district sights, Pioneer Square, Waterfront, International District and Pike Place Market. This includes glimpses of Seattle history and folklore with a ride.

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