Final Fantasy Review

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Final Fantasy is a sci-fantasy rpg game. The Light Warriors go on several quests in amazing worlds, rescuing princesses, killing vampires, fire elemental fiends and defeating Chaos, an evil mastermind who created a timeloop. Alas by defeating him the Light Warriors will get no credit since everything returns back to before things went awry.


Final Fantasy box imageFounded in 1983, Square was a daughter of a power line company. They started working with a full team rather than one guy, one game, as it used to be at that time speaking. First game was The Death Trap which sold about half a million copies. After that it went downhill, soon Square on the verge of bankruptcy.

Final Fantasy was literally the final fantasy: it was their last hope in getting the company out of the claws of death. Very well sold, it went on making sequels which are still going strong and on the side making other great games like Chrono Trigger, Sage Frontier, Kingdom Hearts;

With the merger with Enix and later on Taito, and the absorption of Eidos they got hold of other brands such as Tomb Raider, Bubble Bobble, Dungeon Siege, Deus Ex and Hitman.


Different flows of the game, the travel map, the innovative battle screen, town and dungeon map: The typical RPG elements we take for granted were quite new: HP points, the specific battles, experience points, HP character Classes. It compels you in developing your characters submerge yourself in the world



Not extremely hard, If you go on long enough eventually you will succeed.


Final Fantasy Coneria map viewsReplayability:

RPG games aren’t exactly the games you’ll play often from start to beginning,[…]

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