Look After Your Pearl Jewelry

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One gets enchanted by the luster of pearl jewelry. It can be a set of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace you get mesmerized by the glow. Whether you’ve purchased your pearl jewelry or received it as a gift, it’s important to take care of it to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Pearl jewelry is soft

Diamonds as we all know are the toughest gemstone on the planet. On the other hand pearls which develop in the oyster shells are very soft. Oysters produce the pearl nacre, a shiny coating which offers the pearl jewelry its brilliance. You have to take the required steps to ensure that this gem keeps looking its best.

Pearl Jewelry is not for all occasions

You have to keep in mind that a normal gold wedding band can endure all the rigors when you work with your hands, the pearl ring can’t take it. It is the same thing for your pearl necklace and pearl earrings. It is best not to wear your pearl jewelry when you are doing physical work, working in the yard or gym workouts. The life of your pearl will get shortened with perspiration and dirt. In the same way just because the pearls have ocean as their origin, it does not suggest that your pearl jewelry will survive while swimming in the ocean, scuba diving and surfing. All this does not mean that you lock away your pearls and wear only rarely but you must ensure that they are not harmed by the environment.

Chemicals are harmful for pearl jewelry

In the same way as some people have allergy to chemicals, pearl jewelry may have allergy to perfumes, lotions and hairsprays. The chemicals which are present in these products, even the ones said to be “natural” can have a bad effect on the pearls. This just means that you must wear your pearls after you have used the hair spray or fragrance. If you follow this, exposure to chemicals will be limited and this will increase the life of your jewelry.

Cleaning pearl jewelry

Like any other jewelry, pearl jewelry also tends to get dirty with time. It is possible to clean the pearl jewelry by yourself with a soft clean mildly damp cloth. Make sure that you don’t scrub it with anything such as a toothbrush or sponge and don’t use detergent and soap. You must keep the pearl jewelry on a soft dry cloth after it is cleaned. It is also possible to get pearl jewelry cleaned professionally. 


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