Are You Looking For 3.03 Psp Downgrade

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Are you one of those people who are looking for a 3.03 PSP Downgrade, if so then this article is going to help you for sure. To begin with you require an unpatched copy of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories.

You will not be able to downgrade any PSP if you don’t have that. These days for some reason people don’t really appreciate this and even spend hours looking for ways to to downgrade without the GTA.

Vulnerability was seen in the PSP version of GTA: Liberty City Stories in the way it saved games. The company developed software to perform a unidentified code on PSPs with firmware 2.00 through 2.60. Another firmware was released again to patch the exploits but it was soon discovered that the exploit was not completely patched by Sony and an unsigned code can be run on 3.03 firmware. It was then a 3.03 downgrade was released with fresh copies of GTA: Liberty City Stories. They could patch the exploit which stopped it from being implemented on other versions of the firmware. From that time the homebrew has improved to a position where GTA: Liberty City Stories copy is not required to run unsigned code apart from the 2.81 to 3.03 versions of the firmware. GTA exploits have been blocked by Sony for good with the launch of 3.10 firmware and subsequent firmware updates.

One may wonder how to understand if they have a correct GTA for the 3.03 PSP downgrade? It is in fact quite simple. You can just get the GTA Liberty City Stories copy and place it in your UMD drive. You need to get to the game folder and it will show you an option of “UMD update”. If you see “Update 2.00” then it suggests that you have got an unpatched edition but if it is “Update 2.60” then it is a patched edition which will not help in 3.03 PSP downgrade.

What you really need to do is to search for a 3.03 downgrader. You will find a few versions online which can be downloaded and have very simple instructions.  It is vital  Just be sure you download the software from a reputable place as there are some scumbags around who have put fake downgrades up on the Internet so unsuspecting people can download them and brick their PSPs.

You have to ensure that you follow the steps exactly the way it is described, as this is vital for getting good results. In case you make one mistake and place files in the wrong folders you may end up bricking your PSP. You have to be really sure that you follow all the instructions diligently when you are working on a 3.03 PSP downgrade.


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