Pakistan Has to Move Away From India to Succeed

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The news has come in that the US is going to provide increased funding for Pakistan. This is in spite of the Americans themselves admitting that Pakistan has not been doing enough to fight the terrorists on the Afghan border. Already $7.5 billion have gone down the drain. This is in addition to the $2 billion promised which the Pakistan army will receive directly.

Pakistan’s double game

Even if the Americans arm the Pakistanis to the extent of $100 billion, it is not going to help in any way to put down the Taliban. It has never been the aim of the Pakistanis to get rid of the Taliban. The whole world knows it.  Only the US does not know it. May be the US knows it and does not care. After all, the American arms industry has to flourish. The existence of a liberal and democratic Afghanistan has never been in the calculation of Pakistan. They want this element of uncertainty to prevail in Afghanistan and as long as the Taliban are not wiped out, they can continue to squeeze The US to dole out funds. Strangely enough most of the Al Qaeda and the Taliban are not in Afghanistan but are spread around in the Pakistani areas bordering Afghanistan. If the Pakistan army wants, it can easily clear these areas. But nobody wants to disturb these rogue elements. So the Pakistan army carries out the pretence of fighting the terrorists without ever being serious about it.

One US official has commented that there are more terrorists per square mile in Pakistan than in any other country and that it is the most dangerous place in the world.

Pakistan’s policies are India-centric

Pakistan is bothered about only one thing- India. Most of the arms supplied by the US are stocked for a future war against India. Most of the army is stationed on the eastern border with India. In fact the presence of the Afghan problem is a godsend gift for Pakistan. The most intriguing problem in Pakistan is that nobody knows who you should deal with. Is it the army? Or, is it the Government? Is there a Government? Then, you have the ISI. There are elements in the ISI which are not under anybody’s control. These rogue elements are the ones who are responsible for keeping the Taliban alive by training them and by providing support. We have seen it all. You may bring up a lion. But one day it will definitely turn against you. One should not blame the lion. That is the nature of the animal. Therefore, if you breed terrorists, one day, they will turn against you. This is exactly what is happening in Pakistan.


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