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Lovely Lucy

Lucy, Lucy, my lovely soft Lucy

The brown of your back

The cool of your nose

How you always tickle my toes

Illusions I see,

Just dreams of the past

of things that can’t be

Of things that can’t last

The times that we shared,

The trails that we bared

The mists of my mind

Hide things we once cared

We drank of the same

And shared our one bed

We walked through the woods

Till day was but dead

Nothing can change

While you live in my head

And live you will

Until I, I am dead.

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1988-2009


Here kitty, here kitty, here kitty come.

The master is back the locks are undone.

Hurry but hurry, to the door and be fast.

Slip through the crack, in bolt, in a flash.

Run around, run around, romp and now play.

The master is back, the world is ok.

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1984-2009

Baskets Of Love

Baskets Of Love

Love Comes in Baskets

Love comes in baskets, in bundles and bags

In boxes and cartons, with fluff and with rags

Love comes in sacks of paper with tags

With ribbons, bonnets, and stickers with adds

Love comes in silence with kisses and tongues

With touches, with looks, with hugs that are young

Love comes with music, with songs that aren’t sung

With purring and softness and faith, just begun

Love comes in secrete for kindness displayed

For loneliness, sorrow and promises made

Love comes to find us with debts that aren’t paid

When none are deserving the foundations he laid

For God can be busy, with troubles that are real

He must send us his angels to comfort and heal

So love comes in baskets, in bundles and bags

To show us he cares, to make ourselves feel!

© 2010 Tim Willkinson/Wayne Wilks


Oh Momma sweet Momma why did you leave me

Oh Momma sweet Momma come lay by me head

Oh Momma sweet Momma time is a wasting

Oh Momma sweet Momma soon we’ll be dead

Oh Momma sweet Momma the wind is a howling

Oh Momma sweet Momma the dead are a weeping

Oh Momma sweet Momma cats are a screeching

Oh Momma sweet Momma please hold me in bed

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 2008


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