Reconditioned Stairlifts

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Reconditioned Stairlifts

Stair lifts assist the elderly as they help them to move up and down a staircase with greater ease. Stair lifts are especially useful when you live a multi-level house and have a frail or disabled family member.

Stair lifts vary greatly in terms of cost, with size and load bearing capacity being major factors. The price will also differ depending on whether you are looking at a new stair lift or a reconditioned one.

People generally prefer to look at second-hand or reconditioned stair lifts for a number of reasons. Firstly, the prices of reconditioned stair lifts are a lot more attractive than the prices of new ones. Secondly, if you purchase a reconditioned stair lift from a reputable dealer then you can be assured that it has been properly maintained and services and finally, reconditioned and second-hand stair lifts are easier to set up than new ones.

However, there is a certain amount of risk attached with buying a reconditioned stair lift. Reconditioned stair lifts often come with shorter warranties than new ones, especially if you get one from a less well known retailer. Also, reconditioned stair lifts are often ex-catalogue, meaning that it may be tricky to acquire spare parts for it in the event of a mechanical problem.

Another choice is whether to purchase a reconditioned stair lift or a second-hand one. The best idea is to go for a reconditioned or a refurbished one as a second hand one may need a service or some repairs which can be expensive. Always remember to check the warranty terms with your chosen lift as different manufacturers work under different terms and conditions. A good option is to sign up for a contract for the regular maintenance of your lift as that will ensure that the lift runs properly for a longer period of time.

A disadvantage of a second-hand or refurbished stair lift is that they will often not have the features and accessories that are widely available in newer models. As well as that you could find that your refurbished lift will require more maintenance and servicing than newer lifts.   However dealers are legally obliged to provide a minimum of a 12 month warranty on these lifts. Always remember to take help and advice from an expert before you have the lift installed.

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