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It has been a while since I have sat here writing an article for Bukisa. With the economy being difficult as it is and people out there seeking work. What other recourse can one do?

I have been searching for a new career for about two years now. It has been a very difficult task. I have tried two ventures. One failed and the other is a work in progress. Making money and getting paid is no easy task, especially when it comes to making end meet. For me, just breaking up with a long term girlfriend of four years and my struggle to obtain a full salaried job has put a strain on the relationship. Not just that, but the inner working of our relationship hit the down turn. With lack of discipline of her child whom showed very little respect.  Yet, I have forged on to try to make very do with what I have.

Okay, here is the question: Selling? is it worth the pain and struggles?

I’d say yes, but it depends on what business one picks and use. I was once involved with Prepaid Legal. Didn’t see any growth marks with this personal business. The products was not just sellable. I have worked this business for a few years and only made a lousy fifty buck return investment. That was nothing to  break even with what I needed to do.

The economic down turn:

Our economy has hurt many good people. Some with college degress who seek full time work. I know I am one of them. I had to let go a job that was providing me good source of income. The only problem, distance. I had to travel a good 1 hour and 20 minutes just to get to this job. It was a wear and tear on my vehicle. Leaving that job was the most difficult decision I had to make. Still trying to find a good job, it took me one year to find a seasonal job. But this job is in retail, selling if you will. The pay is lousy, but it is a job and having it is better than nothing at all.


Making difficult decisions about finance, bills, and living situations is no easy matter. Whether one is in a relationship or alone. But one choice I did have to make was finding some other source of income. Selling. I picked another venture that seems promising. With this venture I actually have the chance to have cash placed in my hands for products people want. The slight down side is that I have to keep buying new catalogs just to keep people interested. People are struggling and finding ways to make money is no easy task. Certainly not easy for me. But friends have said that it will get better for me. I truly hope they are right.

Why People feel different?

People feel indifferent because of how businesses and other major corporations look at one’s life. What does this mean? Well credit history is a killer on an individual who is struggling to make ends meet. Companies look at a person’s credit to determine if they are worthy to work. I think that should be done away with. Credit history may be bad for some people, but the reason for so, is because many are struggling finacially to pay when money is low or tight or living pay check to pay check. I believe firmly that businesses should look at a person’s work history, criminal history and not their credit history.

Why work/ criminal history?

Because, if one has a steady work history that shows they are capable of doing their job and maintaining their job. It give creditable evidence about their Character. If one jumps from job to job every six months to a year. It shows that one is not reliable. The same goes for criminal history. if one have a criminal history, it should be based upon how severe their past was for crimes committed. It also establishes their character as if they can be trusted.

So what is the point of selling? We sell goods and products to make a need. Also if one wants to go into business to make supplement income. Do your homework. Research what’s beneficial to you and how much time one is willing to invest.  Whether you are selling Avon, Candles, Perfumes or whatever the goods or services are. Make sure you do the work before you get caught up into something you can’t get out of.


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