Future Past-Poem

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Future Past

I’m living for a distant future, beyond a aching past

While running from a painful past into a future distance

Of course one finds his past at first, then finds his future last

Yesterdays, tomorrow’s pains, and futures long since gone

With everything that went before and all we fear shall come

Are reasons why we fail to find, the love that lives grow on

Yet all the pain I’ve known and loved and all the tears I’ve cried

Have yet to save me just one day, from future sting and trials

For then as now, what’s next somehow, within my breast does hide

For yesterdays tomorrows shade, with darkness, cold and lies,

For always shall, what’s lost back there, find life within the morrow

We run and hide, pretend and lie, yet past… it never dies

Yet rears its head, when once thought dead, to dampen future fires

Our dreams and hopes, our fairy tales of misty lover’s eyes

That come to us when fast asleep, just fill our hearts with lies

Yet still somehow, I dream of you in visions quite surreal

Without a past, or future fear to pause or interfere

Just you and I, entwined in night, forever…and a year

Perhaps that day, I too can lie, between two loving arms

Lay my head upon your breast and dream of pasts tomorrow

Where lonely souls do laugh and win, at everything they try

Where tears grow dry and sand it weeps, and heartaches turn to joys

Where losers win and winners lose, and lovers weep with sighs

Where all the pain and sorrow too, well known by girls and boys

Just fades away in sweet delight, while songbirds fill the skies

Where first is last, and bad is good, and loving hurts so fine

Where futures past and pasts to come, won’t ask the question…why

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson/Wayne Wilks


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