Moving to Australia: Practical Advice And Tips

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Moving to Australia: Practical Advice and Tips

Australia has seen an influx of international students and workers immigrating to the country in recent years. The Land Down Under appeals to all ages due to its fantastic weather, beautiful beaches, relaxed way of living and easy going atmosphere.

Moving to Australia can be a daunting task if you have never moved before. Not only do you have to deal with your visa application, gathering official records and making travel arrangements, but there are other things that need arranging. These can include searching for schools, shipping your belongings over to Australia and pet transport.

Employment or Studying:

To move to Australia you must have a legitimate reason for applying for a visa. The two main reasons for moving to Australia is either employment or studying for a certificate or a degree. If you want to study abroad, search online for Australian schools or universities for courses you would like to enrol on.

For those who want to work in Australia, you will need to gain a formal letter of employment from a legitimate company within the country. There are a number of websites dedicated to finding positions in Australia.

Once you have your formal work or study acceptance, then you can apply for your visa.


The next step is to apply for a visa. There are a number of different visas designed for international students, workers and families which will depend on what country passport you hold and the reason for your application. Visa applications will need to be accompanied by an upfront fee plus several official records. These can include medical, governmental, police and educational records.

Applications can take up to 12 months to be completed. Along the way, you may have to pay additional payments which can be quite costly. In addition to this, you may have to attend face to face interviews where you may be asked personal questions regarding your relationship to anyone applying with you.

Travel Arrangements:

Once you have your visa you are all set to make more practical arrangements, including travel. It is usually a good idea to be in the country a good few weeks before you start your new job or university course. When you know the start dates for this, you can book your flight tickets. Search around online for good deals to save some extra money.


If you are moving to Australia with your family then you will most likely want to ship certain items over to your new home. However, depending upon your proximity to Australia you may find it a little on the costly side. If this is the case, only ship over the items you really can’t live without or mean something to you. Leave the electrical items in your original country since Australia’s electricity outlet is different to yours. If you are moving with children, bring their familiar items like beds, linens, books, toys etc. Remember that you will no doubt go shopping for home furnishings once you’re in Australia so don’t worry about shipping everything over.

Children’s’ Schools:

Moving to Australia with children means finding a new school. Once you know the area you are moving to you can search online for schools. Your children may need a certain sub-class of visa in which you will need to officially sponsor them.


Pets are part of the family so you will probably want to bring them over with you. Pets are generally given their own passports allowing them to travel in and out of different countries. However, there are certain vaccines and paperwork they will need. Then you need to arrange travel arrangements. There are special airlines to transport pets to Australia but they can be a little expensive.


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