Add Your Crazy Photoshop Pictures 2010

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We need your participation, in search for the craziest photoshopped picture of 2010. Send a message to your friends and create a buzz, Twitter or Facebook them and let them add another Photoshop monster to this article. Anyone can participate in adding extra pictures to this contest. The best picture will win the grand prize.

Sometimes professionals get so involved that they do not see the mistakes in their own creative work which once published for a world wide audience creates a buzz. Have you ever found this kind of picture, add them.

Photoshop and Illustrator from Adobe are the perfect computer programs to adjust pictures. These are the two most advanced graphical programs used by professionals the world over to render pictures and retouch pictures for publication.

The beauty of these programs are that every item is a separate layer in which the user can alter almost anything. Photoshop has become the perfect tool to change backgrounds, make wrinkles disappear, filter sunlight, add shadows, and create fast many variations of the same picture. In short the possibilities are endless.

Search the net and participate in order to get a nice selection attached to this article. Our sponsor will offer a Samsung Galaxy to the most craziest Photoshopper. We will publish a short interview in our photo magazine including the winning picture.

The contest will run till 28 February 2011.


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