Australian Citizenship

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Australian Citizenship

Australia is sometimes known as the golden land; with its soft golden sandy beaches, the burning gold of the desert in the dawn and the many prosperous business opportunities available make the Land Down Under a country where many people are moving to.

With fantastic beaches, beautiful weather, friendly people and a relaxed way of life, many international workers are choosing to settle in Australia permanently. Becoming an Australian citizen means becoming Australian itself – you become one with this country, and are able to reap all the benefits and rewards associated with being an Australian citizen.

Becoming an Australian citizen also means that you are willing and able to meet the responsibilities of being a national. In addition to this, it means that you are making a formal commitment to the country and its people.

You can become an Australian citizen if you or your parents were born in Australia or were/are permanent Australian residents or if you apply for citizenship.


If applying for an Australian citizenship you must meet all the necessary requirements. If you migrated to Australia you can gain citizenship by conferral (conferral means to be given citizenship). You should be:

  • A spouse of Australian citizens

  • New Zealand or/and British citizens who have lived here an extended period of time

  • A child or children of a past Australian citizens

  • Papuans born before their independence in 1975

  • Those who arrived under the Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme

  • refugees

You can citizenship by descent if you were born in another country to Australian citizens. If you were adopted by Australian parents you can apply for citizen by conferral or adoption depending where your adoption was finalised. Lastly, you can apply for citizenship by resumption if you lost or gave up your citizenship in the past.

Could You Already Be an Australian Citizen?

There are some cases where you could already be an Australian citizen without your parents actually being Australian nationals. If you were born in Australia on or after 20th August 1986 to Australian permanent residents then you automatically became an Australian citizen at birth. In addition to this, if you were born on or after the 20thAugust 1986 to parents who are not permanent residents or Australian citizens you may have automatically become an Australian citizen on your 10thbirthday.

If you were born in Australia between the 22ndNovember 1984 and 19thAugust 1986 you may have automatically become an Australian citizen when you were born save if one parent was permitted to diplomatic rights or was a consular officer.


Children, aged 0 to 16, generally gain the same legal status as their parents or their legal guardians on their visas. However, there are certain circumstances where children aged 16 and under can make an application on their own.

Application Length:

The length of time it takes to make an application and to get it approved will vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for as well the documents needed. If you need to attend a citizenship ceremony then you can wait up to six months in more rural areas.


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