Fruit on Low Branches-Poem

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Fruit On Low Branches

Like fruit on low branches just feet from the ground

It’s waiting to be noticed, so plump and so round

Sweet to the tongue and soft to the lips

It’s curvy and full and nice on the tips

It’s there on the branches just waiting for you

Weighing them down so you can reach too

If voice it did have or words it could speak

It would scream to you now, It’s me that you seek!

It is there all around us just hoping we’ll see

If gathered and cherished, you will find that it’s free

It asks for no more than you have to give

Yet needs what you have so it too can live

Do not fear what it costs or care what they say

For all of us need it to live through the day

You are destined to miss it, if waiting to be asked

The best are still there if you find that you’re last

Just swallow your pride and take what you need

It waits there beside you, adorning the tree

For it is only when picked and relished you see

That fruit can replenish and grow a new tree

Like fruit on low branches just hanging around

There is love all around us, eager and sound

So reach up, pluck it, and pull you some down

Love waits forever, but is made to be found

I wish you the best and tell you, Good luck

Yet I hear my love calling, it’s time that we…

Get the cat off the roof, seems that she’s stuck

What did you think I was going to say?

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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