Football Manager Games – Create Your Team And Start Playing

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Football manager games are developed for football fans that cannot stay away from this sport even while they are working in front of their personal computers. Playing football management games is more like a passion for many people. These games are available on DVDs with a plug, install and play option. These games have had a tremendous response from the public after they were initially released in 1982.

In these kinds of games, a person, known as the manager is able to choose his own team and play matches with competitors and try to win these matches. Players can choose their team from a host of virtual clubs available, belonging to different countries, a virtual existence of many famous clubs around the world. The matches between teams are played with a 3D view which makes these games a hot selling proposition.

Some problems have been noticed with such games as regards the installation process. The game DVDs come with a verification code that has to be given out for online verification before a player is able to play the game. This is to make sure that an original copy of the game has been purchased by the user instead of a pirated copy which is absolutely illegal. It has been noticed that due to flaws in the verification system, many verifications could not be possible and the gamers had to contact the company. Sometimes, the system’s response is such that the verification code being provided by the user is already in use including newly purchased DVDs. At other occasions, the servers were found to be inaccessible.

However, these games have attracted great popularity amongst the public and are widely played. For example, one of the publishers of football manager games, SEGA, has had a huge turnover according to the sales of the games and launches updated.

There are online versions of soccer manager games as well, where people can create accounts on a website and play the game whenever they want.


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