Veterinary Technicians to Treat Ailing Pets

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Veterinary technicians are these trained professionals who assist the veterinary doctors in treating the animals by providing correct surgical equipments, monitoring the anesthetic machines, cardio monitors and so on. If one has a desire to work professionally as a veterinary technician then the minimal education requirements have to be completed, which are as follows:

• A high school diploma or GED with knowledge of subjects like science and math are essential.

• One has to complete a two or three year degree at any of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) accredited school or college. 

• Following the degree course, it is essential for all the scholars to clear the examination, only then the official recognition will be received as a veterinary technician. 

• During or after the degree, clinical experience has to be gained by working in an animal clinic. This duration of the hands on clinical training is known as preceptorship, practicum, or externship

Fulfilling all the above requirements, will help you to work professionally in this line of work and gain as much experience as required for a secured job in future. However, veterinary technicians have numerous duties and responsibilities, which are needed to be taken care of, while working in the field. Such duties are listed below:

• They diagnose the animals and prepare them for the treatment. 

• These technicians take x ray and examine the reports as well.

• They provide the sick animals with specialized nursing care. 

• They also collect the specimen for the laboratory procedures and sometimes also perform the tests.

• They maintain all the records of the tests and schedule appointments for the veterinary doctor. 

• Veterinary technicians help out the animal owners by advising them about the care and training, which should be given to the animals.

• They shave, bath and clean the teeth of animals. 

• They also develop the X-ray reports and analyze them.

A veterinary technician can further specialize in numerous other areas too, such as internal medicine, zoological medicine, dental technology, anesthesia, equine veterinary nursing and emergency and critical care. The aspirants receive formal education, training and certification in their specialization area, which will allow them to serve better in the future prospect.

While working in an animal clinic, one can expect a salary of $18,000 to $30,000 per year. However, the salary figure can vary according to the experience, employment type, geographic location and responsibility.

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