Complete Medical Assistant Exam to Obtain Certification

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In the field of health care, Certified Medical Assistants medical profession is most sought after and very prestigious. The certification for CMA is offered by Certifying Board of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) after passing of the CMA exam, administered by the National Board of Medical Examiners. The certification also allows medical assistants to work in administrative as well as clinical job functions.

Exam Procedure

In order to sit for the CMA (AAMA) examination, certain procedures will have to be followed including:

1. Enrolling and Completion of accredited medical assisting program – There are numerous schools offering these programs but it is necessary for the aspiring candidates to see that the program they are attending is accredited, quality of the academic program and clinical training procedures.

2. The CMA (AAMA) examination is based on following subjects, instructed during academic and clinical training programs:

(a) Medical law and ethics 

(b)Clinical and diagnostic procedures 

(c)Computer applications 

(d)Record keeping, documenting and accounting 

(e)Human anatomy, physiology, pathology, Pharmacology and Medical terminology 

(f)Medication administration 

(g)Coding and insurance processing 

(h)Patient relations, Office practices and First aid 

(i)Laboratory techniques

The candidate must also complete externship or a practicum in course of their training period.

Exam Application

It is essential to complete Application with relevant documents and enrollment fees. It is beneficial to be a member of AAMA or a CAAHEP or ABHES, because in this case fees will be lower at $125, otherwise the candidate will have to pay $250. The paid fees are non-transferable and can not be refunded back.

(a)The mode of the fees payment can be by Money order, Cashier’s check, Credit card, Certified check, Debit card or Institution check. 

(b)Personal checks will not be accepted.

It is also necessary that necessary payments must be made because, Applications that are submitted without proper payment may delay your exam schedule or payments will be returned back to you. 

The candidate will know about his application status within 30 days of mailing the application. The contact detail of certification department is by their phone or by e-mailing address and the department can be contacted, if the candidate fails to receive the notifications.

Exam Schedule Appointment

The approval of your application will get you a scheduling permit directing you for an appointment at a Prometric test center in your area. Such permit will be received by the candidate nearly 3 weeks before the exam schedule date.

Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation can be done by Content Outline exam topics road map, appearing in AAMA practice exam and studying CMA(AAMA) Exam review course, offered by an accredited medical assisting program. 

The passing of the exam will award an official certificate and wallet card along with the credential of CMA (AAMA). This credential will assist you in obtaining better job as a medical assistant with attractive salary in any location across the nation.

It is also essential that the certification must be kept in current level by re-certifying every 60 months. The re-certification can be carried out through continuing education or examination.


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