Biggest Loser Season 11: Courtney – She's Got The Look.

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As you know, I watch The Biggest Loser. It’s a reality show of trial and triumph in the quest for weight loss. It is led by a hostess (Alison Sweeney) and some trainers. This makes for the third season that I’ve watched, and I’ve grown fond of the various contestants along the way.

Last season was cruel in that they had to fight for the spot on the ranch and seven people were nearly immediately disqualified from the hunt. Of course, these people were most in need of Bob and Jillian’s help. I figure that passing out while doing exercise is a perfect reason to be on the ranch. Then again, maybe I just wanted to see the geek (Corey) do well and see more of him.

This season is different. It has all of the couples, but the first episode had the contestants competing to determine their trainers. Yes, there are two new trainers with which to contend. As enticement, the contestants who chose the unknown trainers received four weeks of immunity. I know that if I had been in their shoes and had the chance, I would have chosen the immunity – if only for the second week hit.

One contestant stands out above the pack right now. Her name is Courtney, and she has ‘the look.’ That usually doesn’t happen until the middle of the season, where the contestant realizes that they are in the game for themselves. There is an expression of driving intensity which permeates through every feature, every pore that the contestant has. The look of determination says that they will be beaten and they will not quit. Unless she’s eliminated by the random stupidity of the show pairings, she’s going to make it to the final four.

When the Biggest Loser airs tonight, we won’t be watching. We usually don’t watch until the next day or the day after, thanks to Hulu. Courtney’s got a lot of competition – there’s an Olympic gold medalist and a gentleman who weighed in at 507. She’s going to go a LONG way and I wish her luck.

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