Overview of The Copper Wire Manufacturing Process

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Copper metal is been widely used for manufacturing copper wires. This metal has to pass through many stages from mining to been converted to the wire rods. All the steps involved in the manufacturing of wires such as Copper wireandPVC insulated wireis ensures to follow the quality standards. The very first step in the process of making special power cable is mining and crushing of the copper metal. The next step is grinding of the crushed the ore in large machines that acts on it by rotating and in cylindrical manner making it a powder. Then the waste slag is removed and the copper is been concentrated. Then they are turned into pure copper cathode by

  • Leaching- oxide ore are leached by a weak acid solution forming a weak copper sulfate solution.

  • Electro winning- Copper laden solution is been treated and transformed in to an electrolytic process tank.

  • Smelting- The recycled copper starts its new journey when it is re smelted. The stages of melting and purifying copper finally results in ninety nine percent pure copper.

  • Electrolytic refining- after smelting or electro winning pure copper ions are migrated electrolytically from one anodes to the “starter sheets” that is made up of copper foil.

The cathodes formed are casted into wire rods, ingots or cakes, billets that are alloyed with other metals as well. A wire rod of about half an inch diameter is drawn down to make pure copper wires of all gages. In the process of wire manufacturing there is need of dynamic research by development team for upgrading the existing products and development of the new ones. Once the innovative techniques are used of the production along with the cost control procedures, then the company is able to give manufacture quality products at very competitive prices. Copper metal is been converted into wires of various shapes as well as sizes via numerous processes that involve many machineries.

Similarly the copper strip manufacturerand the other companies that are manufacturing electrical appliances from copper metal leave no stone unturned to meet all the quality parameters and give a precision engineered products. The effective quality strategy helps them maintain the standards throughout the production process.

There are many industries that have different demands of different types of special cables and for meeting all the requirements. Some of the copper wire manufacturers also facilitate customized manufacturing of copper wires; they follow customer oriented approach and have sown heart warming ability. Copper Wires are largely used for electrical as well as electronic purposes. It is been converted into wires of numerous shapes and sizes.


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