An Overview of Indian Railway

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Indian Railways is the highest employer in the world in the public sector. There are more than a hundred thousand employees who are associated with Indian Railways. At present, the Indian Railways has trains running to almost all the towns across the country. The tracks which are present are 70 percent laid down by the British during their regime. There has been only 30 percent which has been laid down by the administration of India.

The Indian Railways have the Indian Railways Tourism and Catering Corporation which serves for the amenities of its passengers. There are a whole lot of facilities that this corporation provides for its passengers. Also there is a possibility of booking the tickets online which is the latest feature of the Indian Railways. This feature is helping a whole lot of passengers from various remote destinations. With the advent of internet and the technological advancements, one can very well say that Indian Railways have made the maximum use of the same.

The Indian Railway tourism and catering corporation have now introduced their Beta website which is a striking feature. There are many advanced features which make the ticket booking process easier for the customers. The Indian Railways also has the feature to provide food and snacks for the passengers on demand. There is a pantry car which is present in most of the long distance trains which can be availed for by the passengers by paying some money. The Indian Railways have made the improvisations in the first class and the air conditioned coaches. There is more number of trains that are being operated during the festive times and during holidays. Trains to the remote destinations have been introduced in the recent past for the welfare of all the people. Thus the Indian Railways have always proved to be customer friendly.


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