7 Ways to Get Rid of The Winter Depressii17.12.2010

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7 ways to get rid of the winter depressii17.12.2010

“Frost and the sun – a wonderful day” – the poet wrote in praise of winter’s day. And if the day seemed gray and dull, and nothing miraculous in it not? And do not want to get up off the couch and go somewhere, do not want to communicate, and the forces seem to have anything left. That means you’re depressed …

Symptoms of winter depression – lethargy, weakness, lethargy, loss of interest in his surroundings, increased appetite (especially attracted to sweets), unwillingness to communicate with people.

Doctors call this condition – “seasonal affective disorders. Causes of winter depression is not fully understood, it is believed that it contributes to the emergence of the short daylight hours and increased production of melatonin – the hormone responsible for a bad mood.

So how do you deal with seasonal affective disorder?

1.Svetovaya therapy
In the treatment of winter depression, light therapy is very effective – it inhibits the production of melatonin. All the light bulbs in your home and at work should shine as vividly as possible. It is desirable that the light was not yellow, and white, ie as close to daylight.

To save electricity, which would require a lot during the winter, use bulbs of a class. Well to start the dawn light with a timer, it should light up for half an hour before you wake up and create the effect of dawn.

2.Nosite light and bright clothes
Let your life appear more bright colors. Do not wear dark clothing and inexpressive. When outside the gloomy and rainy days, the clothes should be lighter shades. Bed on your bed linen, on which a bright image. On the walls hang pictures, let it be summer landscape or floral still lifes. In a vase on the kitchen put the oranges, tangerines or red apples. You can arrange the flowers in the rooms, even artificial, for example, big bright sunflowers.

3.Zapahi improve mood
Smell the fresh ground coffee or citrus flavor. Christmas Tree will give you the freshness and fragrance of winter forest of pine needles. Good smell of fir and juniper. You can apply a variety of oil burner. Their invigorating scent will give you optimism and improve mood.

4.Obschenie – treats
Talk to someone who understands you and will listen to your problems. Do not keep everything in yourself, share with loved ones or friends in their own problems. This will help you understand what circumstances make you burst depression. Maybe it’s some kind of negative memories and experiences. Loved one will be able to evaluate and analyze your problems from the side and help them cope.

5.Zaymites meditation
Just ten minutes a day will not take your extra time and effort. Just sit, close your eyes, relax your muscles, breathe evenly and imagine something pleasant. Meditation rid of excessive irritability, fatigue and bad mood. Remove from my thoughts the past unpleasant memories, they were cultured in you depressed. Try to live for today and enjoy even the small. Each day increase the time of meditation for five minutes.

6.Bolshe move
Depression hits a desire to move. So try to steel himself and as much as possible go on foot. First it will be difficult, but then your walk is a pleasure, because you do not want to become a fossil, lying on the couch. If your daily walk is not enough time, try to go to and from work on foot, it would not only benefit, but also strengthen your health.

7. Eat more vitamin
For lifting the mood and the correct operation of your brain requires vitamins, minerals and fatty acids such as Omega-3. Diversify your diet is oily fish, grain breads, cereals, wheat germ. Do not forget about the greens and green vegetables. Such fortified food stabilize your emotional state and help cope with seasonal depression.

During the winter depression do not forget to please yourself in small little things. Allow yourself to eat chocolate or cake, lie on the couch and watch your favorite movie, a bit lazy. But all this is within reasonable limits.

Try each new day begins with a smile, look for the positive in all things. Do not be sad and remember, winter depression – is a seasonal phenomenon in winter must come spring. And once again fall into place. The main thing – to protect and to love ourselves and then, no depression, you are not afraid!


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