Learning Not to Overeat. How to Deal With a False Sense of Hunger? 01/07/2011

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Learning not to overeat. How to deal with a false sense of hunger? 01/07/2011

How do I learn not to overeat? First of all, you need to eat when you want and be able to stop. To the joy of eating did not produce discomfort in the stomach and most importantly do not become delayed in the folds of fat.

Some people always guided by an innate instinct to stave off hunger. They are called lucky, because they eat whatever they want, staying slim. And all because they eat when hungry, stopping at saturation, focusing on natural body signals.

How to determine hunger

Distinguish hunger from appetite is not difficult. If a hungry man asks him if he is, he, without hesitation, replied: “Yes!” And negolodny usually adds: “It depends on what.”

Need to eat, can not be confused with any other sensation. When a person is experiencing a famine, can not think of anything other than food, he found it hard to concentrate on work or entertainment.

Constant companion of this condition – cramps in the stomach, weakness in the extremities, headache, dizziness, and nausea. In addition, there is extreme irritability, mood deteriorates rapidly, everything is seen in black. Any food is tucked at the moment seems not only tasty, but a real united. Since the signal is transmitted wisest of nature: “Eat, eat immediately!” Without it we would die from exhaustion.

Cheat Sheet for lunch

In order not to overeat, should pay attention to their own behavior during the meal and feel afterwards. A “cheat sheet” for a more accurate analysis, you will serve as such notes, which can be supplemented depending on the circumstances.

I eat: very fast;
swallowing food without rasprobovali;
without experiencing hunger;
on the run;
standing up, hurriedly;
dessert, despite the feeling of satiety.

After the meal: I had a burst of energy, improved mood, a feeling of comfort;
enjoying the aftertaste, I’d better;
I feel worse than, like sweet;
I get up from the table with a heavy stomach, I feel like a colon;
angry, feeling guilt, despair and hopelessness, I promise myself to start from tomorrow to monitor the food;
torments heartburn, stomach discomfort, sleepiness;
please supplements;
decide what is still overeaten, and eat more, because “and so all is lost”, I dream about the next meal.

How to avoid overeating

Surely you often eat to cope with their emotions, for fun or out of boredom, because throwing food – a sin not to offend those who entertained, because come dinner time or just want something to chew on …

The problem of overeating – is complex and difficult, but the algorithm out of the situation “an appetite as the habit is simple:

* Get down to eating only when you feel hungry. If you have any doubts, you are hungry or not, you are not hungry.

* Move the plate as soon as filled. All that will be eaten after this, turn into fat and deposited on the stomach and hips – as provided by nature.

These two decisive steps require some effort, but the road will master just walking. You can start with small changes.

Identify and eliminate from his life a few situations when you eat not from hunger, for example:

1. eats salad after the departure of guests, because the refrigerator is no place for him;

2. automatically chew treats with a dish that stands before you on the table;

3. order a dessert after a hearty lunch. As without a dessert?

4. eats “rainy day” to famine did not catch you by surprise: during the exam, a business meeting, a walk, when there is no access to food.

Continue the list, adding his own “bad habits” – and gradually get rid of them. At this probably will take more than one month, but the result will be persistent.

Eat only when you are hungry. Let the food is not ceases to worship! Remember, we do not live to eat, but to live!


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