Easy Activities to Increase Kid's Intelligence

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1. Body drawing game:

Equipments: A4 size paper, pencil, pen and color pencil.

How to play:

1. Parents drawing a full face but left some missing such as: one eye missing of mouth missing on the paper.

2. Give that paper, pencil, pen and color pencil to your kids.

3. Then notice your kids they can fill these missing point or not (if the first time the can not you should give them advice and continue like this for 3-4 times)

What do they get form this game?

This activity will help them develop their ability on art and drawing, it also helps them to learn to notice about everything they saw and they will know about the items on human’s face. At this time parents can give them explanation about the function of every item.

2. Making music instrument game

How to play:

1. Parents should prepare the Equipments such as: plastic blown, plastic cup, sand, green bean seed, thick paper, Scissors, Scottape, pencil and color pencil.

2. Allow kids to choose Equipments by themselves and assist them to put sand and seed bean in to plastic cup.

3. Help theme to cut thick paper to suit with cup then cover by Scottape.

4. Ask them to drawing or cut some color paper to decorate that new instrument.

5. Singing or plays CD with their favorite song then encourages them to use that instrument to play follow the music that they hear.

What do they get form this game?

This game will help them develop their music and artist ability. Then this game will also help them to learn about scientific field, and help them to be a good notice, creatively and learn to value their free time when they grow up.

3. Coin counting game:

How to play:

1. Parents prepare different type of coins such as: 1cent coins, 2cents coins and 3cents coins then separate each coin in different pile.

2. Parents teach kids to learn about the value of every type of coins. The first time pick up 1cent coin and tell them about its value (You may tell them 1cent equal to 1; something like that) and do like this for all 3 kinds.

3. After that parents tell kids to collect 1cent coin to value about 5(ask them how many 1cent coin will equal to 5) and encourage them to do like this with increase difficult level after they play many times.

What do they get form this game?

This activity will help them develop about mathematics field by teach them how to calculate these coins. Beside that this activity will also help them to learn to concentrate and learn to know money’s value too.

This is very easy activities that parents can play with kids any where and any times. It also fun and challenge them to learn new things, and more important; activities will increase their ability in anyway such as: body, emotion, social life and intelligent. So when you know that don’t forget to play with them.


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