7 Ways to Help Children Develop Their Brain

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The brain can be developing from childhood to the old age, so to help our kids become the good memory just follows these easy steps:

1. Writing notebook: Parents should encourage children to write stories in a notebook every day, this way also helps on the writing skill, help children to know how to record and practice to recognize stories that they meet each day. In addition, parents may provide an empty calendar fort them to practice writing their plans, that they are going to do each day for example: In the Friday night they will write a plan that will be carried out on Saturday so this schedule will make them think twice about the activities that they are going to do such as: In the morning go to market with the mother. After breakfast they have to complete their assignment. In the afternoon help father washing a car. In the Evening take a dog for walk something like that…. This way will also help organize their thinking and memory, and then the baby will learn to create a disciplined way of life for children as well.

2. Game help to develop Memory: Parents should find activities or games to help train the mind for children such as: Crossword game, puzzle game, bingo games and jigsaw game. These games also add the ability to recognize a good brain and help them to focus and practice tolerance in order to try to solve problems successfully.

3. Music enhances memory. Music not only helps relieves stress. But it also helps to develop their creativity and imaginations too. Because children who listened to music, Singing or playing musical instruments they will need to use memory in recognition of the melody. Lyrics and rhythm of each song. In addition, play a musical instrument. Children need practice in reading musical notation. This is a practice in terms of memory more directly.

4. Meditation: Meditation is one of many ways to help boost memory. As the word of meditation for young children, does not need them to practice peaceful mind with meditation by took hands drop at the lap, then browse the falling rising, because sometimes this way may not be suitable for some children because they may feel tolerate compression, but the meditation for a child simply is means that they can stay calm themselves such as: let children sleep on parent’s lap under the tree peacefully about 15 minutes, then it is meditation. Meditation can help relieve stress and help prepare the brain for learn new things and remember their old lesson as well.

5. Eat foods to improve memory. Parents should give children a meal that valuable and helps improve memory, such as fruits and vegetables, which consists vitamin B2, folic acid to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, your child should eat meat, seafood, because iron helps stimulate the brain’s left hemisphere in terms of the recall.

6. Exercise: is one of activities that improve performance on the memory of the child as well, because while the child moving the body for walk, run or jump will stimulating the blood supply to the brain more. Lets the brain ready to open for the recognition of learning new things quickly. In addition, activities such as aerobic exercise, the rhythmic dance music also help develop a child’s memory through the recognition of melodies and rhythms of dance music.

7. Sleep. Parents should tell children to sleep at least 7 hours and the baby should not sleep more than 9 hours per day. Because of too much sleep concerns to wakefulness which affect the efficiency of memory is reduced. In addition, children should not sleep less than 7 hours per day, because they will lack of concentration, which will allow children’s ability to remember fall down as well.

As we seen that to help children develop good memory is not difficult. The most important thing, parents need to care and keep attention in the activities which improve memory such as: music, games and activities for your child to practice meditation, eat foods that contain minerals and vitamins required. In addition, children should get enough of sleep and do exercise regularly also.


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