Tips to Handle Neck Pain And Sprains

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Avoid that pain in the neck

Neck pain generally occurs due to strain or spasm in the muscles of the neck that sometimes can also include pain in the shoulder area. Sometimes, neck pain can also arise due to inflammation in the joints of the neck. Muscle strains occur when one’s neck doesn’t get proper support while sleeping, watching television, and reading or even when sitting incorrectly in front of the computer. Here are tips to help you avoid neck pains.

  • Avoid keeping your head bent for a long period of time.

  • Learn to type without looking at the computer keyboard. This will help avoid getting neck pains.

  • It is a good idea to purchase a hard mattress instead of a soft one with lots of cushions.

  • Maintain a good posture while walking, sitting and sleeping.

  • Make sure to adjust your computer monitor matches your eye level.

  • If you suffer from neck pains due to stress, try practicing relaxation, breathing exercise or meditation.

There is a number of neck exercises designed to get rid of neck pain. Some of these exercises are given below:

1. Neck flexion: Move your head backwards. After this, you should move the head forward such that it touches your chest and stare at the floor. Now lift back your head to original position. Repeat the exercise for five times. With these exercise increases stretch on neck is increased.

2. Neck extension: First move back the head such that you are looking at the ceiling. This should be done in a gradual movement. Hold this position for few seconds before returning to original position. You should repeat this exercise five times. With this exercise the joints are forced to extreme position at back of the neck.

3. Rotation: First you should turn your head slowly to one side until you can’t move it forward further. You should hold the neck in this position for few seconds before returning to original position. Now turn your head to the one side five times before turning to other side for five times.

4. Side flexions: First you should keep the head with face facing forward. Then bend your ear towards your shoulder without rotating your body to the side. Now return to your initial position. Repeat this exercise about five times before performing it on the other ear.

5. Neck Retraction: For this you have to keep your face straight. Now, draw your head backwards while moving your chin downwards slightly. You should hold this position for few seconds before returning to the original position. Neck retraction is similar with to and fro motion of a chicken.

6. Upper nodding of neck: Lie on your back flat. You can place pillow below your head. Now rock the neck by rotating your head forward. Make sure not to lift the head from bottom surface. You may feel tightening pull in your upper neck. Return to the original position. Do not perform this by pushing head hard.

Tips to handle sprains:

  1. The first thing when you get a sprain is to rest that body part. Moving the injured area will cause more strain on the muscles.

  2. Apply a pack of ice over the area for 10 to 15 minutes. Immediately apply ice on the affected because the longer you delay in doing so, the longer it will take to recover.

  3. Apply anti-inflammatory ointment on the area and massage it gently.

  4. Wrap the affected area tightly with crepe bandage.

  5. Don’t exercise or walk fast, when you have a sprain.


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