Remember This; The Good God Has Always Different Yard-Stick to Measure Our Wealth

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Once there lived a rich man in the southern part of Kanyakumari. Had everything-big mansions or bungalows, luxury cars and some of servants to attend him. He kept all his money in a secret room in his house. He would go up to this room regularly every night, admire all his treasure and come out. He used to worship his money.

One day he said to himself, “I am the richest man in the city. Let me enjoy’’. And he had rich meals and slept. That night he had a dream that the richest man in the city would die the next day.

He becomes restless. He called the best cardiologist of the city, also kept ready some of his security men. All his near and dear ones came to console him.

Hours passed by. He and his relations did not even close their eyes that night. But nothing happened that night. In the morning all of them laughed and started to go back to their own houses.

Then someone came and told them that a certain poor Youngman, Vikram had died of the heart attack last night. This Vikram was a sincere hard worker. He was dutiful, prayerful and helpful to one and all.

Yes, the richest man had died! The dream of the rich man was exactly correct! How?

Who is the richest before God?  Who is the richest before man?

Man has own calculations and measurements. Man looks at the external shows. Man looks at someone and tells that he is really rich because he has lakhs and lakhs of rupees’ bank account; he has good and luxurious mansions and so on.

But before God, such things do not have any meaning. God looks at everyone with a different eye. The richest man is the one, who is at the service of others; who is honest; dutiful and helpful to others.

Thus Vikram was the richest man before God; where as he was the poorest in front of all his friends.

Remember this; the good God has always different yard-stick to measure our wealth.

God knows everything. God knows what we are. God is pleased with our internal qualities such as sincerity or honesty, helpfulness, dutifulness, and so on.

A great philosopher, Nathan C. Schaffer tells in these lines:

“ At the close of life, the question will not be how much you have got, but how much you have given. That is the main.

Not how much you have won wealth, but how much you have done. What is it?-well.

Not how much you have earned and saved, but how much you have sacrificed. It was helped.

Not how much you were honored, but how much you have served.’’

Hence let us store riches in heaven. Earthly riches are temporary. The ever lasting riches are love and service.  


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