Taj Mahal-Epitome OF Love

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India is well known for its heritage all over the world. Indian land saw an era of the rajputs. The Mughals and the britishers . It is known as the land of diversities so are the architectures. Some architectures have a blend of the raj puts like sawai madhav singh fort in jaipur, hawa mahal in jaipur, khujraho in Madhya Pradesh which totally defines the uniqueness of the rajputs architecture. The other architectures had a taste of the Mughals like fatehpur sikri in Agra and the one which is famous all around the world is the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Taj Mahal itself has a lot to speak about. It is one of the finest monuments created by a Mughal emperor Shahjahan   in memory of his extremely beautiful wife Mumtaz. It is a pefect combination of art, design, elegance which is still an eye catcher for artists, sculpters, painters.it perfectly reflects the creativity of mughal architectures and sculpters. It took around 22years of tireless efforts of approximate 20000 workers to construct this masterpiece. For its construction Shahjahan promoted the use of white marbles along with precious and semi-precious stones. Taj Mahal India is fabulous combination of tomb, mosque, garden, gateway sand fountains. Now it is considered as one of the seven wonder of the world and moreover as the greatest wonder of the world. It is also included in the UNESCO world heritage buildings.  Taj Mahal tourism india offers you to view the most magnificent monument of the world the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal tourism india lets you know about the love symbol of the world. Taj Mahal tour package are available on the various online platforms. Many tour and travel agencies offer Taj Mahal tour package. Taj Mahal tourism india is a department in charge of the maintenance of the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal tour package present on the various online sites may include more offers with it. Tourists from the various places come to see Taj Mahal in india. Because of the pleasant weather conditions tourists prefer to visit this place in the month of October, November and February.

Taj Mahal tourism authorities have prohibited vehicles inside the Taj premises in order to maintain a pollution free environment. Also, they have allowed only 5items i.e.water bottle, small video camera, still camera, mobile phones and small ladies purse inside the building. Taj Mahal closed on Friday for those who go for afternoon prayers.

Taj Mahal tour package charges may defer depending on the facility included in the tour package. Some travel agencies provide personal guide for the individual or groups for which they charge more. Taj Mahal tour packages may include food as well as lodging facility for which they charge more. This is the reason why the package charges defer. Taj Mahal tourism India takes care of the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal tour booking is available online on various sites available at the internet. There are many tour and travel agencies which offer Taj Mahal tour booking online.

Different people have different views about Taj but it would be true to say that it is an epitome of love and devotion more than an architectural masterpiece.

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