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Well…before you start to read I just wanna say hi! I play farmville all the time on facebook and I felt like giving you guys some tips and a little reveiw! So let’s get started.


1. Try to save up your farm cash for something special and not just waste it

2. Ask your freinds for gifts or help! You don’t have to buy everything you can ask!

3. Add members to your neighbor list it will make things much easier.

4. Try to raise as much animals and crops as you can.

5. Try the mystery game once in awhile (but not all the time cause it cost a lot!!!)

6. Make sure to look at your crops once in a while or else they will be withered.

7. If your crops do get withered ask your neighbor/friend to fertalize them.

8. Do not forget to buy seeds!

9. Send your neighbors gift and they will do the same!

10. Ask people to add you

11. Send request for things you really need and not just want.

12. Help other members.

13. Do not forget to experience more games and not just this one.

14. Remeber this is just a game not real life

15. Before you buy look how long it takes to grow because if it takes a while you might forget about the plant and it might wither.

16. Work hard to level up your points!


When I started playing it was very hard to level up but when you work hard it’s so easy! I have lots of neighbors and they are helping me so much! Animals help a lot. You just buy them and they will give you things! Get animal Trough while it’s cheap once you can get free animals, but here is the twist you have to buy or request animal food. So once your animal food is stalked up wild animals come in and you can adopt them for free!

Hope those helped! If you find it hard to play farmville then simply stop playing!


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