The Best And Worst Uses Of Web Video

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Website Video, the Best and Worst Uses

Best Uses

1. Confirm Search Congruence and Simplify Message

2. Simply Navigation (that link over there or click on me)

3. Simplify Sales/Up-sell Offering (rewards clubs, trial offers, money-backs)

4. Drive Traffic To Key Pages (click on me to visit the most important page)

Worst Uses

1. Replace Written Text (unless it’s a site for illiterate people)

2. Entertain (unless it is an entertainment site)

3. Warm heart felt greetings & welcomes (if you want them to bounce)

Strategic Uses

1. SINGLE STEP Target Page Conversion-

When visitor goals match site owner goals

2. THREE STEP Target Page Conversion

When visitor goals DO NOT match site owner goals

Home Page Clip – Way Station Clip – Form Conversion Clip

3. Simple TWO STEP Target Page Conversion

Best Uses Explained

Confirm and Simplify Message

Reduce website  video message to simple confirmation for the main site search engine terms and key benefits.

a. EXAMPLE: Hi, does your website need more excitement, do you need visitors to stick around longer and take action?

Simply Navigation

Reduce navigational complexity. Determine most important path for visitors that matches their needs and yet leads them to page or goal most desired by the site owner.

a. EXAMPLE: You can search through our many locations, read about our full spectrum of services, or just click on me have one of our account executives contact you with quote information

Simplify The Sales Process

Simplify complicated up-sell messages.

a. EXAMPLE:I know you want to download the free version of our software, but

you can also get the full version for free for a 30 day trial. You can do a lot of data compression in 30 days.

b. EXAMPLE: Before you make your purchase today, you might want to consider our rewards club. It earns you 10% cash back for the year, enrolls you in a quarterly magazine and gives you access to members only events and sales.

Drive Traffic To Key Pages

Re-engage someone to target areas of a site after a conversion.

a. EXAMPLE: The email with the information you requested will arrive in just a minute or so. If you have a moment before checking your email, you can click on me and I’ll take you to THE most important page in our website. In fact, this page is the place to find out the real story on our company.

Worst Uses Explained

Replace Written Text

Text should re-enforce the website video script and allow visitors to dig deeper after the video quits. Video will not get results (for conversions or sales) if it is viewed as a tool for literacy challenged visitors. Scripts must be SHORT and action oriented without flowery advertising-type copy. The text should offer the visitor the promise of deep information if needed. The common statement. “nobody read these days” is completely untrue. People are so overwhelmed with search results that unless they see instant clarity of message and action, they will bounce from the site looking for a better site. When they find the clarity, they stay and read as much as they can find.

Entertain your visitors

People go to video sharing sites to be entertained, not your website. Inform them; be respectful of their time constraints and save the eloquent cordial greetings and profuse “thank you’s” for your first phone call with the prospect.

Greet Them Like You Would At Home.

It sound cozy and wonderful, but anytime your script contains words and phrases they expect to hear like; “welcome to our site, we’re so glad you visited. Take a moment to browse our entire site….”. You will lose nearly every visitor on Earth after 5 seconds. They will equate everything said to a greeting and ignore all the content and instructions that follow. It may disappoint you to hear this, but it applies to the way you surf websites too


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